Charlie's Bitch Ass Hos is a parody of the TV show Charlie’s Angels. It is a "choose your own adventure" on-line game and has been expanded into two 30 min shorts.  It won "BEST COMEDY" at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival and was an "OFFICIAL SELECTION" of the LA  SHORTS FESTIVAL.

Starring:  Elaine Hendrix, Raquel Horsford, Flo Vinger
Created/Co-Written/Directed/Edited by Flo Vinger





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"Sexuality the Documentary" intimately talks with nine brave individuals who share their thoughts, experiences and bodies with us.   Exploring sexuality outside societal labels and gaining insight into real peoples lives.   Without judgment and fear.   With acceptance and understanding.  Extremely intimate and brutal honesty are the qualities these nine people reveal in Sexuality The Documentary.  The topics include; Angelina Jolie’s lesbian lover Jenny Shimizu speaks about coming out lesbian “Homosexual”, two popular LA dominatrix “Sadomasochism”, body piercing “Rituals”, gay thoughts from a straight man “Heterosexual”, a former gay man talks about his celibacy and living with HIV “Celibacy”, gender identity issues “Hermaphrodite”, swingers at 70 yrs old “Septuagenarians”, male and female “Bisexuals”, and a female to male reveals deep thoughts and serious struggles about being an FTM and the transition experience “Transsexual”.  Because this is a raw look at sexuality there is some graphic nudity.

Produced/Directed/Edited by Flo Vinger/Stretch Productions.


CHOICES is a 6 minute mind-bender
Produced/Written/Directed/Edited by
Flo Vinger.  Two simultaneous and
unique story lines play in split screen.
Here’s the clincher... the same exact

"CHOICES contains thought provoking
content. It's about a woman who is
confronted with a cross roads and
has to make a split decision that
will affect her for the rest of her life.
We follow her through those two
different decisions and watch the
outcomes unfold. I hope this short
film will gets people thinking and raises the bar on creative film making.  I never expected to make a dime from CHOICES... this is truly an artistic endeavor, with the intent of provoking a deeper consciousness around the choices we face each day and how they can affect our lives, other people and our own happiness.  I really hope people see CHOICES many times."- Flo Vinger

Starring : Mayte Garcia